Our Mission

We aspire to create a community in Los Angeles where children and families have access to affordable healthy food opportunities and education on how to best care for their bodies. Through our curriculum and services, we aim to provide a preventive health model.


Our Vision


Akasa is an important part of the school’s curriculum, either as an elective (high school level) or as an integrated part of the academic school day (elementary schools)

Each Akasa school receives 1 lead staff, 1 farmer, 3-5 volunteers

The edible school gardens serve as an intensive internship program where students work on the land and learn about urban agriculture. The Farm partners students with work opportunities

Akasa partners with local business owners to do "market makeovers" and integrate healthy food opportunities and produce from local farmers

Research indicates that Akasa is an effective tool in improving self-regulation. Stress Reduction Research also indicates that Akasa as a lifestyle program decreases likelihood to experience pre-diabetes, diabetes and obesity

Akasa is advocated for as an effective tool in increasing the overall wellbeing of young people, nationwide

Akasa has a local storefront that serves as the local offices, includes a small market featuring local + seasonal produce and has a garden that supplements the edible school gardens

Akasa community

Dream Metrics

• Self-Regulation

• Stress Reduction

• Increase in Grades

• Increase in Health indicators

• Diabetes Reduction/Prevention

• Glycemic Impact

• Mental and Emotional Well-Being

• Competency in core values of seasonality & sustainability

• Improved Sleep